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How to disconnect when you are a manager

Gaëlle Coudert Jun 28, 2022 3:31:14 PM
How to disconnect when you are a manager

Holidays = disconnection. Well, not for everyone, or not for the manager that you are, you think. Being disconnected means being unavailable, and it's important for you to always be available for your teams, especially if a problem occurs. In short, taking time for yourself is a luxury you no longer know! Yet you need this as much as anyone else. This will lead to more well-being, but also more efficiency when you get back to work!

Prepare your leave

Do not hesitate to actually apply this advice that you give to your teams! Indeed, it is important to anticipate the fact that you will not be at work. To do this, don't forget to prepare a special to-do list to write down what must absolutely be done before you leave and what can wait. For the rest, we have only one piece of advice to give: delegate!


You are certainly essential to your team, but what if you tried to let them take more responsibilities for 3 weeks of the year? For example, you can choose a person in your team who everyone can contact if there are any problems. Also be sure to plan a meeting with each member of your team, to anticipate what may happen during your vacation, and decide on appropriate strategies in advance.


No work email, no Slack, no Trello, or even no computer. If these precautions have been taken, you may be able to really disconnect from everything related to work! You can still give your personal email or telephone number to your team, so that they can contact you in case of emergency. If your responsibilities do not allow you to completely disconnect, try to dedicate a time slot to professional requests (for example an hour at the beginning or at the end of the day) in order to fully enjoy your activities instead of thinking about work.


By finding activities that really have nothing to do with work! Choose, for example, to read a novel instead of a book on management. Listen to music and not to a podcast about inspiring entrepreneurs. Enjoy the landscape and the moments spent with your loved ones without looking for what could inspire your professional projects! In short, take a vacation!