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How to love Mondays!

Gaëlle Coudert Mar 29, 2022 1:56:01 PM
How to love Mondays

It’s already Monday! The beginning of a new week of work and you may be counting the days until the next week-end! Maybe you’re a little depressed on Mondays, and actually feel like staying in bed. And maybe you even feel like this on Sunday nights, when you think about the upcoming week. Here are a couple of tips to start loving Mondays!

Fresh and ready to go!

How many Monday mornings have been so difficult mainly because of a clear lack of sleep? Given the many late nights, the many drinks, and the discrepancy between this week-end rhythm and your work rhythm? On Sundays, you may find it difficult to fall in sleep and even more difficult to have to get up at 7 am the following morning! The best way to avoid this problem – and you know this – is to try going to bed at a reasonable time even on week-ends and to get up early (yes, even on week-ends!). How about an early sports routine? This will help have a regular rhythm. And you will look good and perky when getting to the office on Monday…

How to overcome Sunday night blues

For some of us, this Monday blues starts on Sunday night. You may already be thinking about the pile of files waiting on your desk, about how you will organize your week or the touchy discussion that you have to have with your boss or colleague regarding work conditions at the office. In other words, you mind is tricking you into thinking about next day and you are not fully resting as you should be as this week-end is ending. In order to overcome this feeling, why not schedule an activity that you really like on Sunday nights? It could be a yoga class, meditation, going out for a drink or meeting friends at the restaurant… Or even a cosy evening at home eating pizza and watching a film. In short, choose something that you really want to do and keep to your schedule!

Start anticipating on Friday

A good technique to arrive on Monday with a clear head is to prepare the fact that you will be coming back. On Friday you can take time to: clear your desk, in order for it to feel welcoming a couple of days later, sort your emails, check your to-do list and prepare a new one with next week’s tasks in order to have a clear view of what you will have to do… This can help reduce stress and free your mind for the week-end!

Schedule a moment to chill

This will help not only to reduce your possible Monday blues, but it will also help you look forward to the upcoming Monday (now we’re getting there!). You can plan lunch with a friend, sport with a colleague, cinema in the evening after work, having breakfast in your favorite café! What a great way to start the week! And you, do you have any other recommendations to start loving Mondays?